Thinner EP-10


  • Thinning and cleanup of EP-Prime 1000

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经理丽慧 经理丽慧 ,被窝里的流氓 被窝里的流氓
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  • Use to ease application when applying paints at cool and hot temperatures
    • For smoother finish when rolling
    • For spray application

ePaint EP-10 coating technology was developed, uses materials from, and is proudly manufactured in the USA. Please contact at for more information on ePaint EP-10 or other ePaint products.

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Quart, Gallon


  • Safe and easy to use


  • Packaging: Gallon, Five Gallon
  • Not for sale, use or distribution in California
经理丽慧 经理丽慧 ,被窝里的流氓 被窝里的流氓

For complete application procedures and requirements see the Tech Data Sheet tab.


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